Google’s “I’m Feeling Curious” Feature Has Been Discontinued

Breaking Boredom: Google’s “I'm Feeling Curious” Feature

I’m feeling curious Update

The “I’m Feeling Curious” search feature, which is a hidden trick or Easter egg by Google, seems to be malfunctioning for multiple users, as reported by support. Many Google users have also enjoyed searching for “fun facts” using this feature. However, both of these tricks have not been working since late 2019, and there is no announced timeline for a resolution.


The web is a treasure trove of knowledge, a universe filled with intriguing information waiting to be discovered. Google, the internet’s most popular search engine, is known for its innovative tools and features, one of which is the captivating “I’m feeling curious” function.

The Genesis of Curiosity

Launched in 2015, Google’s “I’m feeling curious” feature has been serving internet users with chunks of interesting facts and trivia to beat the monotony of their day. A testament to Google’s commitment to user engagement, this feature was one of the few to be officially announced by the company, highlighting its significance.

The Appeal of Knowledge

What makes “I’m feeling curious” stand out is its educational value. The feature feeds you with a random assortment of questions, answers to which are likely to pique your curiosity and, in turn, increase your knowledge. For instance, you may ask, “Is sign language universal?” or “How fast does the Earth revolve around the Sun?”

The amount of time you spend with this feature depends entirely on your interest. Some users might find themselves engrossed for hours, while others might lose interest after a few minutes. Either way, the knowledge you gain from this feature could prove beneficial in unexpected ways.

Unlocking the World of Google Tricks

The “I’m feeling curious” function opens the door to many other Google tricks. For example, the “Get local time anywhere” feature lets you know the local time of any city globally, which can be helpful in coordinating with people living in different time zones.

Investing some time in exploring Google’s ever-expanding arsenal of tricks might surprise you with their positive impact on your digital life.

A Few Interesting Finds In I’m feeling curious

When you input “I’m feeling curious” into Google’s search bar, you’re greeted with a random question. The answer to which is likely to surprise you. If you want to explore more, you can click on the “Ask Another Question” button and dive deeper into the world of fascinating facts.

Google also offers various other curiosity-oriented queries that can entertain you, such as:

  1. I’m feeling trendy
  2. I’m feeling fantastic
  3. I’m feeling playful
  4. I’m feeling puzzled
  5. I’m feeling Doodley
  6. I’m feeling generous
  7. I’m feeling artistic

Each of these queries spits out results tailored to the feeling you input. For instance, “I’m feeling trendy” might show you the latest fashion trends. While “I’m feeling generous” could showcase various charities you can donate to.

Inspiring Curiosity: Some Example Facts

The “I’m feeling curious” feature can help you discover some fascinating facts. Here are a few examples:

  • How fast does the Earth rotate around the Sun? The Earth’s equator moves at a speed of approximately 24,898 miles per hour. However, the Earth’s orbital speed around the Sun is about 67,000 miles per hour.
  • What did Bruce Lee Study? Bruce Lee was a student of Ip Man, a renowned Wing Chun master. He began his training under Ip Man at the age of 16, after losing a fight at school.
  • Can a goalkeeper score by throwing the ball? Yes, according to football rules, a goalkeeper can score by throwing the ball. The play starts when the goalkeeper releases the ball, regardless of the method.
  • What causes red hair? Red hair, a rarity found in only 1-2% of the world’s population, is primarily caused by a mutation in the MC1R gene.

Technology: A Tool or a Time Waster?

There’s a common belief that technology promotes laziness and wastes time. However, this is largely a misconception. While it’s true that technology can make specific tasks easier. It can lead to a certain degree of laziness, it can also be an invaluable tool for learning and expanding one’s horizons.

With features like “I’m feeling curious”, Google proves that technology can be both fun and educational. These features entertain users and provide them with valuable knowledge in a fun, engaging manner.

In conclusion, whether you’re feeling bored or just want to learn something new. Google’s “I’m feeling curious” function is a great way to entertain yourself while expanding your knowledge. So, the next time you have some free time, why not try it and see what you can discover?


Is Googles “Im Feeling Curious” feature still working?

No, it has been offline since 2019.

Is there a new “Im Feeling Curious” alternative?

As of January 2024, Google has not released an alternative.

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